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AssetFuture delivers a niche web-enabled technology solution which provides asset insights enabling business intelligence to make informed decisions. Clients are provided with a leading edge approach to asset optimisation which leverages off our unique technology platform in both the private and public sectors.

Technology subscription

The cloud-based, asset management technology provides you with the intelligence to make informed decisions fast. Accessible anywhere, in real time, in-sync with your business. Subscription packages available to suit your business needs. Our technology utilises an extensive suit of engineered asset degradation modelling capabilities that reflect your asset portfolio.   



AssetFuture is ISO 55001 accredited.

AssetFuture is qualified to assist clients in developing asset management strategies and implementing whole of life asset management models conforming to ISO 55000.

Sophisticated approach to asset management

AssetFuture brings together experienced people armed with the capability of our specialist technology, powered by our suite of asset specific degradation models. Together, these provide a sophisticated approach to asset management. Extend your Data, BI and asset management approach with AssetFuture’s team of experienced industry professionals and technology. Achieve your best and go further with AssetFuture’s supporting services.


Technology and Capability

Better manage your asset portfolio with greater insight, leveraging AssetFuture’s capabilities, at any stage of the asset lifecycle. Extend your Data, Business Intelligence+ and asset management approach with AssetFuture’s team of experienced industry professionals and technology. Achieve your best and go further with AssetFuture’s supporting se​rvices. 
Case Study - Schools
Impacting Lives & Australia’s Future Many school were built long before the days of high technology. Today, AssetFuture works with progressive leaders in Australia’s government to build lifecycle cos ...
Case Study - Surf Life Saving
An Iconic Lifestyle Requires Commitment Australia’s Surf Life Saving Clubs are beloved throughout the country. A gathering point for many passionate volunteers and professionals who value their b ...
Our experienced specialists are ready on hand to provide you with in-depth Asset Management support which includes: • ISO 55001 gap analysis and alignment • strategic asset management planning • bu ...
Business Intelligence+
Get live bespoke reports, available at the click of a button. Additional to AssetFuture Technology Platform subscriptions and tailored to your business needs. These include: • combined disparate data ...
Maintaining a live digital twin of your physical asset portfolio with operational feedback for: • mapping your business intelligence to inform your operational strategy • actionable capital and main ...
Data Collection
A range of tools are available to support your data collection. AssetFuture has simple, streamlined data collection app available now. Need help? Get accurate and up to date asset condition data with ...
The cloud-based, asset management technology providing you with the intelligence to make informed decisions fast. Accessible anywhere, in real time, in-sync with your business. Leveraging our modellin ...

Team Behind the Technology


Our experienced team of professionals are available to assist with your technology subscription packages and asset management needs:

<span class="name">Domenic Fonte</span> <span class="title">General Manager</span>
As the General Manager of AssetFuture, Domenic is central to driving all aspects of the AssetFuture business globally. As well as ensuring all client projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards, he coordinates the AssetFuture team to ensure our client’s objectives are met throughout the lifetime of every project.
<span class="name">Andrew Aloisio</span> <span class="title">Manager, Product & Innovation</span>
Andrew’s background in design and construction has instilled a progressive and innovative approach which allows him to focus on obtaining strategic and quality solutions for clients. Andrew seeks to provide clients with a contemporary and strategic solution to maintain value whilst gaining financial efficiencies.
<span class="name">Paul Pulic</span> <span class="title">Solutions Engineer</span>
Paul is a qualified engineer with an eminent suite of experience advising and managing large-scale infrastructure projects. Paul works closely with our clients to implement technology and processes for a strategic asset management approach to realise sustainable value and responsible asset ownership.
<span class="name">Matthew Mihatov</span> <span class="title">Solutions Engineer</span>
Matthew is an experienced project manager with a wealth of experience in building infrastructure, asset management data collection, technology implementation and stakeholder relationships. He has a proven record in delivering quality solutions to asset intensive organisations on time and on-budget matching contemporary asset management practices.
<span class="name">Lou Reid</span> <span class="title">Head of Client Solutions</span>
With over 25 years of industry experience, Lou leads AssetFuture’s business development by partnering with clients to develop asset optimisation solutions through technology. His national and international experience places Lou in an enviable position of in-depth client understanding, client solution.
<span class="name">Phil Holmes</span> <span class="title">ICT Manager</span>
As AssetFuture’s lead technology and solutions engineer, Phil provides innovative solutions to efficiently collect, manipulate and analyse data. He is responsible for database management, establishing templates, and data capture, collection and transfer. With post-graduate business qualifications and an engineering background, Phil has a track record of delivering on strategic goals with practical and real-world technical designs.
<span class="name">Larry Woodland</span> <span class="title">Principal Consultant</span>
With over 30 years of Strategic Asset Management experience, Larry Woodland is the architect of AssetFuture and is one of Australia’s leading asset management advisors. His experience spans all aspects of strategic asset management and life cycle asset management, working with industry and governments at the federal, state and local levels throughout Australia and around the world.
<span class="name">Russell Black</span> <span class="title">Client Solutions Manager</span>
Russell is a management consultant with over than 25 years’ experience in senior management positions and asset management. He has worked as a consultant specialising in Asset management, Project management managing change and reform, and continuous improvement of operational performance in the core functions of an enterprise. He has worked with clients across a range of industry sectors to develop and implement asset management improvement guidelines and strategies to enhance their business performance, particularly in the utilities, energy and transport sectors.
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